personal training

  • Are you lacking energy, feeling stressed out and looking for the right type of exercise and balance?
  • Are you stagnating in your previous/current training, but want to progress or try something new?
  • Are you starting off from scratch again after a longer break, physical discomfort, or post physiotherapy?
  • Are you looking for an expert coaching to reach your goals and find out where your health journey is taking you?
  • Have you started with something numerous times but couldn’t stick to it?

Well, since you're here - that counts as first step, good on you!

In our collaboration we consider all factors that play a role in your change and training process: Your life situation, habits, nutrition, physical ability, time frame, and your individual needs. We will also look at your state of readiness for change and a new routine. 


We start with a chat and a body check-up in order to find out what you need and to setting realistic goals. Based on the results you receive your personal programme for at home. Together we explore options and possibilities that work best for you, discovering your fun path to wellbeing and fitness.

Are you ready to stop fighting and start inviting?

It’s my pleasure to assist you by sorting your thoughts and by getting yourself ready for the journey.

Expect a sensitive, effective and safe coaching. I look forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely,