personal trainer, pilates instructor and expert for pre-/ postnatal training.

Despite the fact of being a movement and outdoor fanatic I startet a corporate career where I was mostly bound to the office. Years later when I lived in Zurich, Switzerland, I was done with sitting on a desk all day when I discovered my passion for teaching and coaching people. In 2012, I began to teach yoga in part-time after the trainer education and decided to take a leap of faith and change careers – a career in health & fitness.

I moved from Zurich to London for love and for my new career goals, aiming for the most comprehensive education available to obtain the personal trainer diploma. Admittedly, also my interest in adding another country to my list and my fondness for the English language were part of my decision for the U.K. 

In between I furthermore added an education in Ayurvedic health coaching and massage, as well as Power Plate training. Though the full-on real life education happened during those two years in London, when I worked for a well-known personal training and dynamic reformer boutique studio in Notting Hill.

Six years later I’m looking at well over 4.000 teaching hours on the Pilates reformer and mat, as well as TRX and indoor cycling group training. For the first time in my life I experienced this feeling of contentment that you get when you really love what you do.

Working one-on-one with my clients I sincerely enjoy accompanying and guiding them along their journeys and the development of a deeper connection with them. It’s the interactive inspiration and energy exchange I’m so grateful for.

Time, experience, education and research have continuously refined my training approach. Whether conducting group- or personal trainings, I keep an eye on the individual needs since everybody is different. I pay extra special attention to the basics such as breathing, posture, core function, and human movement patterns. 

Depending on the personal needs and goals of my clients I’m able to pick the right thing from a big toolbox and go beyond stiff systems and methods. Like it is with nutrition: “One man’s medicine is another one’s poison.” Finding and applying the “medicine” for a client is an exciting part of my work and the first step of their journey.

In 2015 I returned to my hometown Munich. Big city life wasn’t my cup of tea for a longer period – I’m an outdoor and nature gal and need a mountain to climb and a lake to swim in or paddle on near by. Being back close to my family was another reason to go home after 6 years of living abroad.

Soon after being back I launched my own pilates,  personal training, and mum business. By now without an own studio I run a freelance business and became part of the Tomek sports team in Munich’s beautiful Lehel. I’m currently launching a sister business for pregnant and postpartum women, called mami hopp!

Colleagues in London and my midwife sister Lena (midwife pracitce “Wunderkind”) inspired me to look into working with pregnant women and new mums. Still in London I started the continuous eduction in this super exciting field, also because I wanted to become a mum myself one day (which now happened to be, I’m pregnant and officially my own case study!). I extended the pre-/postnatal education from yoga, to Pilates, to fitness training, and began working with mums and mums-to-be in the Notting Hill venue in 2014.

Since there are still so many myths around training during pregnancy and too many doctors are still promoting fear and overly cautious behaviour, I’m very passionately developing awareness campaigns and spread the real (good!) news regarding training and an active pregnancy. 

In Munich, I began working with mums at my sister’s midwife practice and my own private studio called “grace-studio”. In the beginning of 2017 I extended the pre-/postnatal work and launched a training project for mums called “xercise mom”, together with a colleague.

Another year later, at the start of 2018, my ideas and concepts have matured to a real business: mami hopp! A programme specifically tailored to pregnant women’s and new mum’s needs and goals.

The training focuses on the right dosage of safe, but also highly effective ways of movement. It’s about an active physical preparation for giving birth, and, furthermore, benefits both mental and physical strength. For a positive body image, confidence in the abilities of their own body, and a feeling of wellbeing during these very special months.

In the 4th trimester, the months after the baby is born, a new mum’s needs and the requirements of her body in order to heal, to recover, and to reprogram her muscles and structure, change vastly. mami hopp! supports postpartum women in their process of healing and regaining physical function and a healthy body.